Code Compliance

The Code Compliance Division of the Economic and Community Development Department is responsible for administering all Town ordinances to protect community health, promote public safety, and enhance the quality of life in Gila Bend. The Town's Code Compliance Official responds to potential violations such as junk and debris on private property, weeds, on-site recreational vehicle parking and storage, inoperative vehicles, building regulations, illegal signage and unauthorized home occupations.

When a violation is identified, the responsible parties are issued a notice, stating the nature of the violation and requesting the violation be corrected within a reasonable time (normally 10 calendar days) The Town's goal is to work with the community to achieve voluntary compliance. If the violation is not resolved with Town Staff, a citation may be issued, resulting in possible fines and legal proceedings.

Ways You Can Help

The Town encourages everyone to play an active role in keeping Gila Bend compliant. If you feel there may be a code compliance issue in your neighborhood, there are a couple of ways you can help! Report the compliance issue by filling out the Community Code Violation Submission Form online. You may also download the form or pick one up at Town Hall. The Town also maintains an anonymous hotline 520-464-3171. This 24 hour a day hotline is available for all of your NON-EMERGENCY needs and concerns. Please give us a call when something needs to be fixed or improved. Remember, ALWAYS dial 9-1-1 for Emergencies.

Are You Following the Code?


To read the Town of Gila Bend Code Compliance Policy, please click on this link: Code Compliance Policy