Town Code

A Division of the Town of Gila Bend Clerk's Office

The Town of Gila Bend's Municipal Code contains many of the ordinances for the Town of Gila Bend. Ordinances establish the rules and regulations under which the Town of Gila Bend operates. 

All zoning district standards are included in the Municipal Code. In addition, standards for development and architectural review, parking, signs, hillside development, home occupations, variances and other similar topics are included in the Municipal Code.

Aside from zoning standards, other Town regulations are also included in the Municipal Code, such as subdivision requirements, business license regulations, street, water and sewer standards and vehicle and traffic requirements.

The Municipal Code is updated once per year after new ordinances are adopted by the Town Council. The addition of these new ordinances to the Town Code is referred to as codification.

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Changing The Municipal Code

A change to the Municipal Code is called a Municipal Code Text Amendment. A Municipal Code Text Amendment may only be initiated by the Town Council; however, the Town Council will respond to citizen requests to change the Municipal Code.

If you desire to change the Municipal Code you should complete the following steps:

1. Meet with a Town planner to discuss the proposed project. In this pre-application meeting, the planner will explain necessary Town regulations and provide you with any application processing information you may require. Representatives of the Community Development Department will be happy to assist you in any way possible to help you understand the application process.

2. Submit a written proposal to the Town Clerk and the Director of Community & Economic Development that requests that Town Council consider amending the Municipal Code. At minimum, the proposal should include the following:

  • Nature of the amendment (detail of location and proposed changes).
  • Discussion of the specific elements and sections of the Municipal Code text directly affected in terms of the proposed change.
  • Reasons for the proposed amendments.
  • Supporting information such as maps of conceptual plans that depict the proposed change.

Ordinance List

These are ordinances adopted by the Town Council but have not yet been added to the Town Code.