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Gila Bend Public Shooting Range

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The Town of Gila Bend owns and operates a public shooting range that is open to the public, free of charge.  The shooting range is located off of State Route 238 (Maricopa Road).

Access Information
To access and utilize the shooting range, contact the Town of Gila Bend at 928-683-2255, Monday through Friday, between 8:00am and 4:00pm.

If you plan to utilize the facility during the weekend (Saturday and Sunday), contact the Town Office before 4:00pm on Friday.

A copy of your drivers license or other state/federal issued ID must be presented at the Town Office prior to accessing the facility.

Vandalism of the facility is not tolerated.  Please report any vandalism detected upon accessing the facility to the Town Office immediately.   Do not leave trash/garbage lying about.  You are responsible for removing your trash upon leaving the facility.
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