Public Works


The Public Works and Engineering Department directs Water Resources Management, Engineering, and Streets and Sanitation. Some of the other responsibilities are:
  • Makes recommendation on right of way permits, easements, and off-site improvements
  • Maintains and repairs streets, sidewalks and wash crossings on Town streets
  • Maintenance of Airport
  • Maintains fire hydrants and exercises valves
  • Maintains and repairs water and sewer lines
  • Maintains cemetery and assists with internment duties
  • Manages and maintains the town’s vehicular equipment
  • Performs street capital improvement planning, maintenance, traffic engineering, and signalization
  • Operation and maintenance of R.O. Plant and Brine Ponds
  • Operation of residential trash pit
  • Oversees all public improvement projects
  • Oversees maintenance of town facilities
  • Utilities: Meter reading, utility turn on and shut off and repairs to water line up to the meter